Dorven Foods & Feeds are currently manufacturing three ranges of products namely:


1.  Enerdog Economy V14088


Enerdog Economy is presented in various sizes and packaging.  The 2kg, 8kg and 10kg bags are presented in a colourful 120-micron plastic bag, the 25kg and 40kg are presented in a polypropylene bag.  The reason being the more popular 8kg and 10kg bags sells better in retail shops if more presentable.  However, the 25kg and 40kg bags are mainly distributed to wholesalers such as your typical Co-op stores and the farming community.  Enerdog Economy is a nutritiously balanced complete dog food, which contains no artificial flavours or colouring. 

1.1  Competitors

Enerdog Economy is a very competitive and affordable economy brand of a high quality.  It competes very well with brands such as Bobtail, Pick & Pay No Name Brand and Dogmor.

1.2  Target Market


Enerdog Economy is directed at a market that is satisfied with buying a product that offers an adequate diet at an affordable price.  The Economy brand customer is not brand or quality orientated but price orientated.  [The majority of this market has acquired a pet for security reasons].


2. Enerdog Performer V 19697


Enerdog Performer is a nutritious complete and balanced ration with a high quality protein.


Enerdog Performer competes with Bobtail, Pet Supreme and Warrior.

2.2  Target Market


Enerdog Performer is directed at a customer who is quality and brand orientated, but keeps his budget in mind.  Affordability plays a major role.
Pack sizes 8 and 25kg. Enerdog Performer is a nutritious complete and balanced ration with a high quality protein.



3Enerdog Superior V17753


Enerdog Superior is currently our top of the range product.  The product is presented in 8kg glossy plastic and 25kg laminated polypropylene bag.  Superior is a scientifically formulated pet food, which enhances the dog’s well being. The suggested daily ration meets all the total requirements for excellent overall “Complete maintenance “ for the pet.  We offer three different flavours such as Chicken, Beef and Lamb, what distinguishes it from an economy brand is the fact that it is enriched in vitamins, contains rice and treated with linoleic acid.  Meets and exceeds AAFCO and RSA legislative requirements for adult dry dog food. 


3.1.  Competitors

Presently it competes with products such as Pedigree, Alpo Full Course and Montego Classic.  Our packaging is very glossy and market orientated.  Our objective is to offer the client quality at an affordable price. 

3.2   Target Market

Enerdog Superior is directed at a customer who is really quality and brand orientated.  The product is very popular in more upper class suburbs.  The product also features great with breeders and other animal lovers that participate in dog shows etc.



Enerdog Ultra is a scientifically formulated product that contains all necessary nutrients for the specialized needs of pets and competes with local Pet Vet products.  These products are only obtainable from Vetenarians at astronomical prices. 


Tammy cat food is scientifically formulated for all life stages. This product came on to the market packaged as a self-feeder.

Extensive tests were conducted to substantiate the viability of the disposable self-feeder.  Over a period of 2 month’s we placed the self-feeders in various kennels at a recognized animal housing facility housing various breeds of dogs and found the following:

Control Group :   Fed animal as normal – bowls filled everyday
Test Group      :   Feeder was filled to provide the particular dog with           
sufficient daily requirements for a period of 3               



Test group consumed less food than control group.  Observation revealed that the self-feeder eliminates waste and that the test group quickly realized that the food remained at their disposal and ate on instinct, where as the control group, at feeding times, finished the food fearing the uncertainty of when he next meal may be provided.



It was assumed that because the box is made of a cardboard that the dog would destroy it, but over a period of 2 month’s only one self-feeder was destroyed by a young Daschund for the simple reason that the self-feeder was empty.

Disposable vs. metal self-feeder


Many asked the question as to whether a metal self-feeder for permanent use would be a better option.  Our research revealed that because a metal container becomes dirty and rusts it becomes prone to bacterial growth.  Bacterial growth was present in corners of the self-feeder with the infected food.  The animal ate the bacterially infected food and became sick.  Our self-feeder is disposable and cheap to replace. 

Vacation Pets


Going on holiday becomes a real problem when pets are involved.  Who will feed my dogs?  Our self-feeder is ideal for such occasions as it provides a daily nutritional meal for a period up to 3 weeks depending obviously on the quality of the dog food and the size of the animal.



From our research it clearly shows that the self-feeder is a far better option than the normal routine of placing a bowl outside and filling it everyday.  Because we are human we tend to feed our dogs at irregular times. The poor animal attacks the bowl and overeats for fear it’s human counterpart may forget to feed him tomorrow.  Bearing this in mind, animals eat on hunger instincts not for other reasons as we do.  Animals do not become obese in nature, it’s the human nature that determines our dog’s eating habits.  Self-feeders are our pet’s best choice, it saves us time, money and gives us peace of mind when holidaying.

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